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POSTED 6.14.22 -Sidewalk Pedestrian Ramps
The New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) and the New York City Department of Design and Construction (DDC) have officially released revisions to the New York City Department of Transportation Standard Detail of Construction Drawing # H-1011 Sidewalk Pedestrian Ramps. Please note that Drawing # H-1011  has been replaced with Drawing #s  H-1011-1 through H-1011-9. For more information regarding the latest revisions, please contact    While we recommend that the implementation of pedestrian ramp solutions included in these revisions are used immediately, the official inclusion of these drawings is applicable to all permits issued on or after June 27, 2022.
POSTED 11.30.2021Beginning Wednesday, December 1, 2021, the 0135-Final Restoration Only permit type will be renamed 0135-C.A.R. Restoration.  Following this change, for all 0135-C.A.R. Restoration requests submitted, Permittees will be required to provide a valid Corrective Action request (C.A.R.) number, prior to permit application submittal.  Permittees will also be required to provide a completed HIQA Cut Form.  Failure to provide the completed HIQA Cut Form will result in application rejection.   For any questions regarding the HIQA Cut Form, please contact HIQA via email at or
Work Zones & ADA Compliance: NYCDOT has a strong commitment to ensuring pedestrian accessibility within the public right of way. Please review informational document at and ensure that all work is conducted in accordance with local, State and Federal standards to maintain an accessible path of travel.  
FYI**FYI**Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Noise Mitigation Notice ** FYI**FYI
As of May 5, 2018, all Noise Mitigation Plans must now be made publicly available on the DEP website as per Local Law 10 of 2018. The DEP has new fillable forms that must be emailed to the DEP.  Note, these forms must still be made publicly available at the work site by conspicuously posting the plan. The on-line forms are printable for you to post as well as submit to DEP by e-mail.  For more info and/or to submit a Noise Mitigation plan, visit the DEP website:  If you have any questions, please contact the DEP directly.

Any construction work occurring in the street near a tree may require a permit from the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. For more information go to
VOTE NYC - For Information on registering to vote, please visit: 
POSTED 1/10/2019 - Government/Capital Projects:  Please be advised, if you need any assistance regarding your Government Contract/Capital Project Permits or have any questions, concerns or complaints, please send an email directly to